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5 WEEK GROUP PROGRAM: 360 Approach to Health

It’s no fault of yours that you’re used to poppin Advil for period cramps or taking over the counter acid reflux meds when pain strikes. Our society hasn’t been taught the holistic ways on how to deal and heal! That’s where I come in to help. This program will help you introduce *easy* tips and tricks into your busy life. 


In my program, you will learn the ins and outs of certain pillars of health which will dictate how your body reacts. Right now, you’re probably struggling with some or all of the below: 

-fatigue/ poor energy levels

-PMS/ period symptoms 




-tired but wired at night 





-struggle with losing weight 

-lack accountability and need someone by your side 


Did you answer yes to one or more? Then you need this program. One of the best things you can do is invest in your health with someone there along your side like me and a group of girls to hold you accountable! Accountability is the #1 pro to working with a health coach- just ask my clients! 


There are action items we can do to support our gut health, endocrine system, hormone/menstrual health, and blood sugar levels. By supporting our entire body as a whole, you will live a life with more energy and little to no symptoms all month long. 


LET’S MAKE YOUR LIFE FEEL RIGHT! Give your body the tools it needs to stabilize and work properly in order to give you the happiness and life you deserve. No dieting, no extreme life changes, just tips and knowledge that will arm you with an approach that actually works. 


There’s nothing worse than going to doctors only to be told your lab tests are normal. I’ve been there, way too many times… “Nothing is wrong with your hormones or thyroid. Your allergies came back normal, nothing is wrong with you." I’ve was told this over 10 times over the years by food allergists and gynecologists. Then why did I experience all of these awful symptoms?

  • My painful cramps, hormonal acne, and mood swings were dismissed as “normal” and I was told to go on a pill. 

  • Secondly, when I started getting gut issues I went to the allergist and was told everything was fine $1000 later. It wasn't... and I had to learn by myself how to heal it holistically. 


I hear you and see your symptoms are real. We have to get to the root cause and get your body back to a safe place so it can start functioning like it should. 


Imagine if 

  1. You woke up and didn’t feel groggy. (And didn’t even need to reach for the caffeine…)

  2. You felt satiated all day long and never felt that hangry feeling 

  3. Your bloating completely went away. ALL MONTH LONG.

  4. You had energy all day long and didn’t experience the 2pm crash 

  5. Your skin cleared up without any medication and you finally feel confidence 


In this group program you will learn that ALL parts of your body need to be given some love in order to all work properly. For example, if we’re stressed on a daily basis our other bodily processes shut down…like our digestion! Insane, right? And I don’t know about you but pretty much everyone I know experiences stress daily in some way or another. In this program you will learn: 

  • The Four Phases hormone education to support a healthy menstrual cycle 

  • How to avoid toxins in our daily life and support our endocrine system in a healthy way 

  • Stress techniques that are proven to work 

  • Importance of balanced blood sugar and how to accomplish stable levels to support your energy 

  • Meal prep tips that actually fit into your busy schedule 

  • Nutrition label education to make you a detective and avoid ingredients that don’t support your body 



  • Lists of trusted brands I love for food, safe beauty + household products 

  • Over 70+ recipes to cook for yourself or the family 

  • Handouts that will help you execute the knowledge you learned 

  • Weekly symptom guide to fill out each week 


Join me and a group of amazing women to finally start feeling like you again. 

How it works:

-(5) total group calls, 1x per week 

-Unlimited, 24/7 access to me with questions or comments

-Action items for you to work on each week post the meeting

-Each meeting will be recorded and sent out, so don’t worry if you can’t make the time/day

-Community of women who are eager to work together and hold each other accountable* 

*you can participate as little or as much as you want with the group! If you want to just sit back and listen and learn, that’s fine, too! 



My skin was TERRIBLE before I would get my period. I suffered from cystic acne and it was really taking a toll on my self esteem. After working with Christina and eating according to my cycle, my skin glows and I don’t experience breakouts before my period. Her healthy and holistic approach allows for a balanced life and I’ll forever be grateful.




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