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Christina, Certified Holistic Health Coach


My health journey began when I was 16 and went to the gynecologist due to getting my period twice a month (so fun, right?!) She told me I had PCOS and immediately prescribed me birth control as a “fix”. I didn’t even question this considering all my friends were on it, so I assumed this was normal. After doing my own research 3 years later, I realized that birth control was NOT good for my body as I actually was missing a full cycle, meaning that my body wasn’t working as it naturally should. I also discovered that my symptoms were masked and the issues I had weren't being solved with the pill. This drove me completely nuts! 


Finally, I decided to get off the pill and adapt a better diet. After years of weight fluctuations, PMS, crying almost daily, and not being able to leave my bed due to cramps, I began living a symptom-free life. 


I wish more than anything that the doctor sat me down and told me what I needed to fix in my diet/lifestyle instead of giving me a pill full of chemicals. I became totally obsessed with the food industry and the way our hormones work, and so I made my passion official by getting certified as a hormone health coach. I'm obsessed with the food industry, farming, pharma industries and how they negatively impact us. I am passionate about health on so many levels and want to make sure everyone I work with learns about this too. I wish all doctors would get to the root of the problem, and that’s where I come in. As your health coach and partner, I’ll work with you to find the solutions you need.

Credentials, Experience & Expertise

Certified through the Integrated Institute of Nutrition 

Certified through nutritious life studio by Keri Glassman 

Previously worked for Sarah Stanley Inspired (Holistic Health) 

Previously worked for Tapactive (Fitness Startup)

The fun stuff!


I love HIIT workouts since they’re only 30 min tops!

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