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the health class you never had but always needed



  • Learn wtf your four phases are- Follicular, Ovulatory, Luteal, and Menstrual. Ever hear of those? It's not just having your period vs. not having your period! Learning this will be key to supporting your hormones day in and day out. 

  • Hormones 101- learn what we never did in high school. 

  • Holistic ways of dealing with PMS. 

  • Learn what causes PMS + bad period symptoms. 

  • Take into action what you learn to set yourself up for a better period. 

  • If you don't experience a regular cycle or are on birth control, don't worry! We will go over how to sync with the moon so you can still follow it. 

NOTE: if you're on hormonal birth control you do not experience the 4 phases, but it's still good to learn what they are! As mentioned, we'll talk about the moon cycle and how you can sync up to that if you wanted to still follow eating/working out for your phases. 

Early bird pricing: $55 until 10/27


After 10/27, price goes up to $70

The is a good intro to what I go over in my 4 month 1x1 FAB program which helps fix your period symptoms, mood swings, and overall lifestyle.  There’s much more to your cycle than being on your period or not, and it's a shame we were never taught this in health class! 


If you experience PMS/mood swings, and cramping during your period, then def sign up for this MASTER CLASS! 


My skin was TERRIBLE before I would get my period. I suffered from cystic acne and it was really taking a toll on my self esteem. After working with Christina and eating according to my cycle, my skin glows and I don’t experience breakouts before my period. Her healthy and holistic approach allows for a balanced life and I’ll forever be grateful.




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