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6 week 1:1 Pregnancy Prep Program

  • This 6 week 1:1 program includes: 

    • 320-question symptom assessment to analyze your health goals, toxic exposure, hormone imbalance, vitamin/mineral deficiency, etc. This allows me to make customized recommendations based on your health needs. ($400 value)

    • Food & Mood journal assessment which allows me to make connections on your health imbalances and provide personal recommendations. ($350 value)

    • Core education ($500 value) 

      • Cervical mucus education/ Basal Body Temp (BBT) pregnancy tracking  education 

      • Diet/nutrition education for fertility and menstrual health 

      • The four phases education 

      • Supplement info (depending on if you are conceiving naturally, or through IUI/IVF, or have PCOS or Endo)

      • Egg and sperm health information 

      • Endocrine disrupters education and how to live a low-tox life 

      • How to regulate blood sugar & why that's important for pregnancy & life in general 

    • Add ons & Resources ($450 value) 

      • Grocery list for menstrual health 

      • Grocery list for fertility 

      • Exercise tips and full guide 

      • Over 75+ recipes that align with balanced blood sugar 

      • Fitness/ Wellness tracker 

      • More resources sent after every meeting

Unfortunately, we weren't taught this in our health classes, SHOCKER! That's where I come in to help you thrive before pregnancy in hopes you have a stable, healthy pregnancy with the most optimal egg. 

You know when you read a book and you get motivated to make changes but then it kind of just falls off your radar and you forget about it? Same here. That's why I took research and science from multiple doctors, books, and experts with proven research and combined it all into this 6-week program to help be as educated and as healthy as possible before you try to conceive. 

This program is for you if:

  • ​You need help focusing on your health before pregnancy 

  • You want to get pregnant naturally, through IVF, or through IUI 

  • You just came off birth control and want to heal your body naturally before conceiving 

  • You have no known hormone issues, or you have PCOS, Endometriosis, or are over the age of 35 

  • You have hormone issues or suspect you have them (like high estrogen or low progesterone) 

  • You are overweight and want to get healthier before you conceive 

  • You want a guide on nutrition to make sure you have the healthiest egg possible 

  • You live with a male partner who you'll be conceiving with and want to learn about sperm health 

  • You want to learn about hormones and how to have a healthy menstrual cycle 

  • You want to learn the biomarkers for fertility and be more in tune with your body 


My skin was TERRIBLE before I would get my period. I suffered from cystic acne and it was really taking a toll on my self esteem. After working with Christina and eating according to my cycle, my skin glows and I don’t experience breakouts before my period. Her healthy and holistic approach allows for a balanced life and I’ll forever be grateful.




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