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take control of your health

Healthy Bowl


  • Dieting like crazy and still seeing fluctuations?

  • Want to stop dieting forever?

  • Feeling unhappy?

  • Experiencing mood swings, addicted to sugar and have no control?

  • Looking for support and guidance in your health journey? 

  • Hoping to make lifestyle changes to improve your overall health?

If you’re one to put health on the backburner due to a busy schedule, or someone who often gets stuck in a cycle of stress eating & drinking, then I’m here to help! I’ll help you break these habits and form new ones that will last, instead of a quick-fix diet.

1:1 Health Coaching with Christina will help you address overall health & lifestyle changes. Through working together, we can fix your hormonal imbalances so you can live happily all month-long.

time for health


Christina’s 6 Month Program is for those in dire need of a health overhaul. You will address binge eating, emotional eating, and sugar addictions.   


The program includes: 


→ 8, 50 minute sessions to address any questions or concerns, and to discuss (and celebrate!) progress 

→ Cleanses that teach you how to eat whole, nutritious meals 

→ Nutrition labels 101 

→ Techniques to stabilize blood sugar

→pantry/fridge overhaul (virtual) 

→ On-the-go recipe guides and meal prepping tips and tricks

→ 24/7 access to me text/email   


Christina made me feel extremely comfortable and took my dietary restrictions into consideration when helping create a wellness plan and teaching me about different things as it related to food. She worked around my busy schedule and made time to chat through my progress.


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