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3 quick tips for more energy

There are no such thing as a quick fix to diet and lifestyle, however there are plenty of things you can add to your life to add some health and increase your energy. Whether you're starting from square one or are already healthy, these are some great ways to increase energy:

  1. Add vegetables to your plate first. I recommend roasted veggies since so quick and easy: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots etc. Make sure most of your plate is vegetables and add the rest of the protein, carbs and fat in.

  2. Remove sugar! Get rid of soda and juices and stick to water and healthy teas. Avoid refined carbs like pizza, pasta, bread, crackers, chips and instead flood your body with veggies!

  3. Get rid of processed foods: if you're eating foods that mostly have labels than you gotta re-evaluate your grocery shopping list! Eating fresh and whole foods will give you the health you need!

Try out these 3 tips and see how much more energy you have. You'll also have a wayyy better sleep!

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