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Breathe it all in... Spin it all out!

Balance is everything! It is important to find balance in your life from creating time just for you, and time to socialize with friends, eating healthy and indulging in your favorite sweet treats or delicious cocktails, and it is extremely important to create balance and variety in your workouts.

The rush you feel after a high intensity, sweaty, long workout is great, and the soreness in your muscles you feel the very next day from working them so hard probably makes you feel proud of yourself, like you gave it your all and worked your very hardest. But just because you are not sweating buckets and have sore muscles the very next day, does not mean you didn’t have a great workout. The body needs active recovery days, the body also needs complete rest days.

One way to find balance between high intensity workouts and low impact workouts is incorporate spin and yoga into your workout routine.

Why I Love Spin

Spin is a great yat to burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time! If you are looking to tone your legs and improve your stamina, definitely try spinning! If you are really into music and find it hard to get through cardio without getting bored, try rhythmic spin which is a workout practice that focuses on riding to the beat of the music and even involves small “moves” such as tap backs, shoulder taps and crunches which are all performed on the bike while riding.

Why I Love Yoga

Yoga varies in intensity, there are power yoga classes that involve more toning than other classes that focus more on stretching and releasing tension in your body. Regardless, yoga is a great workout for an active recovery day, as it is important to rest and release tension in your sore muscles.


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