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How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle in College

Staying healthy in college can be a challenge. With so much activity going in it can be difficult to make time for yourself. College is a time where you grow in many aspects all at once. New friends, new room, new classes, and new food that is definitely not your mother’s cooking! All of these new activities, opportunities and experiences can be extremely overwhelming, and if you do not prioritize time to take care of yourself, it can all eventually lead to major burn-out!

Be Realistic!

With a different class and assignment workload schedule everyday, and those awful weekend hangovers, it is unrealistic to set goals to workout seven days a week. It is also unrealistic to eat healthy 100% of the time. If that 1:00 a.m. post-drinking pizza is calling your name, go for it!

Once you learn to live out your college days guilt-free, eating healthy and working out will come a bit easier because instead of instead of viewing eating healthy and working out during the week as a punishment for indulging in greasy foods over the weekend, you will start to view eating healthy and exercising as a reward that will make your body feel good. Remember, food is fuel!


Keep your space clean and organized!

  • Clear space, clear mind! Keeping a tidy room will help your mind to feel less cluttered and overwhelmed and elevate stress that might weigh you down.

Stay hydrated!

  • Bloating, fatigue and moodiness can all be prevented by drinking lots and lots of water! Invest in a functional and stylish water bottle that will help you to achieve your water intake goals.

Avoid sleeping in late!

  • After staying up late on the weekends, sleeping in a bit might be beneficial, but sleeping in during the week will lead to lower productivity and could even leave you feeling sluggish. Pick a reasonable time for you to get up in the mornings during the week and stick to that time! Getting up at the same time everyday or most days is the first step to creating routine!

Go for walks!

  • After sitting in class all day long, or in your bed on Zoom it is important to get outside and get moving! Grab a coffee and go for a walk with your bestie, or pop your airpods in and listen to a podcast while walking around your campus! This will not only refresh your mind and body, but will leave you feeling energized!

Keep your pantry/fridge stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables!

  • Indulging in that late night pizza from your local spot is totally fine, but it is best to not keep frozen pizza and “junk food” in your dorm/kitchen. Snacking on fruits and vegetables throughout the day will fuel your body and help you stay healthy.


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