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How to Practice Mindful Eating

Mindfulness is about being fully focused on the present moment and drawing your attention to your feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations and surroundings. Although many people think of meditation when they hear the word mindfulness, mindfulness actually goes beyond relaxation, and it can even be applied when eating.

Practicing mindful eating can teach us to become more aware of our choices, options and habits surrounding food and eating. Mindful eating can help us to make food choices that are both pleasing and nourishing to the body.

Five benefits of Practicing Mindful Eating

  1. Weight Loss

  2. Reduce Stress Levels

  3. Less Binge Eating

  4. Increase Enjoyment of Eating Meals

  5. Aid in Digestion

How to Practice Mindful Eating

Ask Yourself, “Am I truly hungry?”

Many of us eat simply because it is meal time, out of habit or because we are bored. Many times we think we are hungry when we are actually dehydrated and need water. Before snacking, try drinking a glass of water before hand and asking yourself “Am I truly hungry?”

Take Your Time When Eating

Many of us squeeze our meals in throughout the day in short lunch breaks or during small pockets of time we have between our busy schedules. Make sure you are taking your time when eating, eat slowly and chew all of your food thoroughly. This will help to aid your digestion process as well as help you to enjoy your food more.

Engage all Five of Your Senses When Eating

Mindful eating is not only about listening to your body, but it is also about truly enjoying your food with all of your senses. Eating at a table instead of a couch, turning off the TV and putting away your phone will help you to be better able to be fully present during your meal times to get the most enjoyment out of your food.


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