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Not losing weight? This might be why...

Working out hard and not seeing any results? It might be because you're not working out according to each phase of your cycle! Lemmeeee tell you below... following this can get you major progress!

(p.s. if you're on birth control and still want to switch up your workouts you can follow the moon, i’m not a witch this stuff is legit, more info. below)

MENSTRUAL PHASE this is the "winter" phase so totally normal to want to hibernate for the 5-7 days it lasts. chill the f out here. take advantage of naps if you can. if you're feelin like you have some energy, you can do yoga or walking.

moon phase: new moon

FOLLICULAR PHASE this is known as the "spring" phase, so you'll want to get active here during the 7-10 days it lasts. focus on cardio, hiking, dancing, swimming, boot camps etc. great to try a new workout in this phase and something really fun, I recommend the @litmethod workouts. You can find some free ones on @popsugarfitness

moon phase: waxing moon

OVULATORY PHASE this is the "summer" phase aka best phase (and the shortest, only lasts 3-4 days). this is the time to KICK IT UP notch. focus on HIIT workouts, cardio, running/sprinting, kickboxing, heavy weight lifting, plyometrics, circuit training, and of course peloton/bike rides!⠀

moon phase: full moon

LUTEAL PHASE known as the "fall" phase, things start to slow down a bit. this phase is 2 weeks long (10-14 days) so the first week you have more energy and can continue off the ovulatory workout train. when you get to the second half of the phase start to slow down and do lower intensity exercises like elliptical, walking, biking, pilates and body resistance workouts ⠀

moon phase: waning moon ⠀

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