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The Importance of Active Recovery Days

Heavy weight-lifting, intense cardio and high intensity interval training are all great workouts that will help you to lose fat, gain muscle and increase your strength and endurance, but it is important not to over do it!

After strenuous workouts it is important to let your body rest, recover and relax! It is totally okay to take a complete rest day (no physical activity) if you feel your body needs it! It is especially important to take a complete rest day if you are in any sort of physical pain or discomfort. However, if you feel your body needs a rest day but you still want to move your body a bit, active recovery days are a great option!

Active recovery workouts involve performing light exercises that stimulate the recovery process without imposing any sort of discomfort or stress on your body. Active recovery days help you to feel less sore and stiff after an extra tough workout day, and they help to speed up the muscle-rebuilding process.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate active recovery days into your routine:

  1. Foam rolling

  2. Swimming

  3. Long walks

  4. Stretching

  5. Yoga


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