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The Top 4 Workouts When You're On Your Period

Ladies, we all dread that time of the month. If you have unbalanced hormones, then you know what I’m talking about-- Stomach-twisting cramps, insatiable cravings, mood swings, fatigue -- you get the picture. That being said, it is crucial to listen to your body when you’re on your cycle and slow down. Even if you learned how to balance your hormones and don’t suffer from those symptoms anymore-- YEP, still SLOW down!

Heck yes, it’s awesome to get a good sweat in. In fact, studies show exercise can help relieve some premenstrual pain, as it releases feel-good endorphins, decreases inflammation, improves blood flow, and increases energy levels over time.

However, it may be wise to hold off on that spinning class or HIIT workout to keep your cortisol levels at bay... So I have compiled a list of the best, low-impact workouts to do when you are on your period but still want to incorporate some daily movement!

1. Walking - Whether it be on a treadmill or a light stroll around the neighborhood, walking for at least 30 minutes provides both tremendous physical and mental health benefits. It’s also one of the easiest forms of exercise, as it can be performed for a long period of time without exerting too much energy. So pop in your headphones, listen to your favorite podcast, music, or book, and get your steps in! (Here’s a link to one of my favorite podcasts!)

2. Light yoga - Yoga is also a great form of low-intensity exercise, as it stretches out your muscles and eases any tension in the body and mind. Here is one of my favorite yoga workouts I like to do when I’m on my period, especially when I am experiencing some bad cramps.

3. Pilates - Pilates is a perfect medium between yoga and a high-intensity workout. It still stretches and lengthens your body, but also engages deep muscles that will guarantee you to sweat a bit. Enjoy this easy, yet effective 20-minute pilates workout by Sanne Vloet.

4. Netflix and ~Chill~ - Yes, you read that right. Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re on your period is doing absolutely nothing! It can be tempting to fall under the pressures of today’s hustle-and-bustle society and keep moving, but rest is just as important as physical exercise. It’s okay to sit in bed, binge watch your Netflix show...and give in to your period cravings! So the real question is... What’s your favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?

If you’re still looking for relief from your period symptoms, you’re in the right place. At Christina Wellness, you can work with a health coach 1x1 to get to the root cause of your hormonal issues and never dread a period again. It’s the health class you never had but always needed! Sign up for a free consult to go over the best options for you!



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