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Top 10 Period Friendly Foods

Some lucky women get through their period each month with hardly any symptoms, but for most women, cramps, bloating and fatigue are just a few of the uncomfortable period symptoms that we dread each month. Although these symptoms may not be completely avoidable, there are natural ways to reduce your period symptoms. Here is a list of 10 foods you can nourish your body with while on your period to help reduce the intensity of your symptoms.

1. Miso - Miso is a traditional japanese seasoning that is great for soothing and restoring your body during your menstrual phase.

2. Avocados - It is so important to consume foods that are full of healthy fats while on your period. Avocados are an absolute must, they are full of anti-inflammatory fats, magnesium and potassium… PERFECT for relieving those annoying period cramps!

3. Kale - Kale may not be on the top of your cravings list, but kale is high in the anti-cramping mineral magnesium, and contains vitamins A, C, B6 and E, calcium and potassium which have all been proven to relieve PMS. Restores our blood and kidneys, and helps the absorption of iron.

4. Kelp - Is an ideal food to incorporate into your diet while on your period, as it is great for hormonal balance.

5. Mushrooms - If you always feel lethargic and low-energy on your period, add in some mushrooms to your diet! Mushrooms are rich in many of the B vitamins which not only help us to improve our mood, but also help our body digest our food and utilize the energy from the food we consume.

6. Beets - Beets are MAGICAL! Okay…. Not really but they do, do wonders for period symptoms. Beets are full of iron, calcium and folic acid which many women are deficient in, and they also reduce water retention and bloating!!

7. High Protein Beans (Kidney, Black) - Consuming beans while on your period can help to reduce cramps and promote healthy digestion.

8. Chlorella - Chlorella is a nutrient-rich freshwater algae that is typically available as a dark green powder or tablet, it is similar to spirulina and is quickly becoming just as popular… and for good reasons! Chlorella contains 9 essential amino acids and can relieve period symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.

9. Sea Salt - Sea salt is perfect for restoring electrolytes and minerals!

10. Liquid Aminos - Liquid aminos are so easy to add into your diet, are naturally gluten free, don’t contain chemical preservatives and are great for restoring your overall health. Also helps restore electrolytes and minerals and can use as a soy sauce alternative.


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