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Working Out According to Your Cycle

Does the thought of working out on your period make you want to throw out your running shoes and cancel your gym membership for good? If you dread working out while menstruating or have concerns on how your period affects your fitness routine, you’re not alone. Many females either skip working out altogether while menstruating or continue with their regular workouts and over-work their bodies during a time when their bodies need rest and recovery most.

There are four phases of your cycle - follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual, and each phase has a new “star” hormone that affects how your body feels and determines which types of exercises are most beneficial for you during each phase. Working out according to your cycle is important to help avoid painful pms, avoid fitness related injuries and it may help you to actually see results from your workouts!

Syncing your workout routine to your cycle will help you to leverage the unique and hormonal benefits of each phase of your menstrual cycle, allowing you to choose physical activities that are best suited to the energy levels and hormonal environment of each phase.

To learn more about syncing your workouts to your cycle contact me or check out my Ultimate Guide to Working Out According to Your Cycle and my FAB Program!


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